Van Phong Bay Nha Trang

Van Phong Bay – A pristine attraction of Nha Trang

Van Phong Bay – A pristine attraction of Nha Trang

Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay: A seductive tourist destination in Nha Trang city.

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If tourists have an opportunity to travel to Nha Trang, do not skip Van Phong Bay

Nha Trang is one of the most amazing seaside cities in Vietnam with picturesque scenes and pristine beaches. If tourists have an opportunity to travel to Nha Trang, do not skip Van Phong Bay. It is set in the middle of two districts which are Van Ninh and Ninh Hoa. It is about 80km away from the heart of Nha Trang and 40 nautical miles from the sea.

If you want to look for a calming and peaceful destination to relax, Van Phong Bay is definitely a great choice. This site is abundant in large and small islands like Hon Queo Island, My Giang, Mui Ganh Cape, Hon Trau Nam Island, Hon Bip Island and Hon Me Island.

Along with its natural beauty, Van Phong Bay owns mysterious beauty that attracts visitors to discover. The most seductive spot in Van Phong bay is Dam Mon Island which features a wide range of amazing beaches like Bai Tay beach, Son Dung beach, Bai Bua beach, Bai Lach beach, and much more.

It is so suitable for travelers who love exploration because this site has different terrains which are inclusive of island and peninsula system, deep bays, sand dunes, plus with diversifying ecosystems. Van Phong Bay is recognized as one of the most stunning bay in the world because of its landscapes and favorable climate.

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An Amazing destination

What is the best time to visit Van Phong Bay?

Van Phong Bay is moderate all year around.

Van Phong Bay is blessed by the Mother Nature for numerous top attractions. The beauty of this site is hidden and varies from month to month.

The climate in this bay is quite cool and mild all year round, so you can visit this bay whenever you want. However, the time from August to December, Storms can appear and bring rain, strong wind to this Bay.

What is interesting in Van Phong Bay?

Van Phong Bay is a magnificent destination worth visiting.

Traveling to Van Phong Bay, you can enjoy numerous magnificent scenes here. Here are some suggestions for you to choose:

  • Son Dung Village and Beach
  • Dam Mon Peninsula
  • Hon Ong Island
  • Co Ong Island
  • Mui Doi Cape
  • Hon Lon Island and Diep Son Island

Dam Mon Peninsula

With an area of 128 km2, Dam Mon peninsula has 30 beaches, primeval forests, 20 large and small islands, and 3 villages, including Dam Mon Ha, Dam Mon Thuong, and Xuan Dung.

Visiting Dam Mon peninsula, travelers will have a chance to contemplate a wide range of beautiful scenes. It seduces tourists with green casuarina forests, golden sand dunes, blue sea, and tranquil fishing villages. Especially, it is one of the first venues meeting the sun on the land of Vietnam. Therefore, you definitely take time and enjoy this great moment.

Along with its natural beauty, Dam Mon is abundant in recreational activities like discover the ocean by boat, admire colorful coral reefs or go for a swim.

Hon Lon Island and Diep Son Island

There are magnificent coral reefs developing near the seashore. In Diep Son, you will find the most unique Vietnam’s path. That is because you can walk in the sea with this great road.

The width of the road is about 1m and is set deeply in less than half a meter below the sea surface. Walking on this path will create thrilling and exciting sensations because tourists seem to wander within the endless ocean.

Moreover, Van Phong Bay is abundant in stunning beaches like Bai Tay, Bai Me, Bai Ham, and Bai Lach, plus with great islands, such as Hon Do Island, Hon Co Island, Hon Nuoc Island, Hon Ong Island and Hon Gom Island.

Van Phong Bay owns numerous magnificent landscapes for tourist to explore and admire.

Son Dung Village and Beach

With the peaceful setting of Son Dung village and natural beaches, it will definitely bring to visitors relaxing and calming sensation. The must- do thing that tourist can’t skip is discovering the fresh water right on the beach.

You just need to dig by hands under the sand and feel the cool fresh water source beneath. It is definitely that this is an unforgettable moment in your trip. From here, you can go by boat to visit Lach beach in which there are many beautiful coral reefs and rocky cliffs.

Hon Ong Island

Hon Ong Island has the other name as Dao Ca Voi. Dao Ca Voi means Whale Island in English.

If you are the one who wants to escape from the noise and hassle of modern life, this spot is extremely suitable. Whale Island is a natural, primitive, and tranquil place.

Keep in mind that you should check-in with your friends or family here.

Co Ong Island

This spot is considered as coral heaven with all kinds of colorful coral. The huge coral will surely make you strongly amaze

Mui Doi Cape

Mui Doi has the other name like Mui Ba Dau. The stone structure of this natural scene has a distinct rock formation which seems created by talented sculptors. If you depart from Dam Mon, you can travel to Mui Doi by foot or by boat.

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With our answers about some of the most common questions regarding comming to Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang, hope that tourists can plan a detailed trip to this stunning bay. Wish you have a fun journey with many great moments!

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