Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island, Nha Trang – the precious pearl of Vietnam

Binh Ba Island, Nha Trang – the precious pearl of Vietnam

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island: A charming tourist destination in Nha Trang city.

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Dao Binh Ba is considered as an appealing site that tourists can’t miss

Binh Ba Island (Dao Binh Ba) is one of the new and popular attractions in Nha Trang city that a lot of tourists want to come and relax here. It is roughly 20km away from the inland of Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa province. The terrain here is quite special because of its flatness. Binh Ba Island has a height of 0.5m – 204m above the sea water level

Nowadays, Dao Binh Ba has become a seductive tourist site for many domestic and foreign travelers who love the tranquility and want to escape from the noise and hassle of daily life.

Interesting venue

Are there any special notes when visiting Binh Ba island?

It will be interesting to scroll around and discover Binh Ba Island

Dao Binh Ba is a place serving for military purposes; therefore, you aren’t allowed to step into it. However, the rule is loosened nowadays. Travelers have a chance to explore this pristine island although there are some forbidden areas here.

If you want to bring motorbikes, you need to take the boat of 9:00-1630 (Binh Ba-Cam Linh) and 7:30-13:30 (Cam Linh – Binh Ba) because these are licensed boat trips to motorcycles.

The best time to visit Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island welcomes you anytime!

You can pass by Dao Binh Ba all around the year. Nonetheless, the great time is from March to September. There is advice for you is that you had better avoid from holiday peak. You can come over this island on weekends.

How to reach the Binh Ba Island

It is so convenient to find and come to this beautiful island.

Dao Binh Ba belongs to Cam Ranh city. Therefore, you need to choose one of the appropriate vehicles such as aircraft, train or coach to reach there. Then you head over to Da Bac port and depart for Binh Ba Island by boat.

There are 4 trips from Cam Ranh to Binh Ba Island (by canoes or boats) every day. The boat departs from Cam Ranh at 7:30-10:00-13:30-16:00, and from Binh Ba to Cam Ranh departs at 5:00 – 9:00 – 12:30 – 16:30.

What Are Attractions In Binh Ba Island?

Binh Ba is an island devoiding of inhabitants, so you can leisurely enjoy many sandy beaches, turquoise blue water or cool and fresh breezes. The natural setting of Dao Binh Ba will create a peaceful and relaxing sensations for tourist who visit here. Especially, local people are very conscious of protecting their living environment.

Binh Ba Island will never make you disappointed because it offers travelers many interesting and meaningful activities to experience.

Contemplate historical relics

Visiting Binh Ba, you had better wake up early to contemplate the charming sunrise. Moreover, there are numerous historical relics of the war of fighting against France on the island.

It is definitely great if you hire a car or motorbike to drive around and discover every corner of Binh Ba Island as well as Cam Ranh Bay. Car rental fee rates from 100.000 to 120.000VND / day.

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Go to the beach

The most seductive tourist destinations on this amazing island that you don’t want to skip are three magnificent beaches.

Among these three beaches, Bai Nom beach is the most crowded beach because of its clean water. However, the water here is not shallow, you have to be careful to go for safe and sound swimming. This beach is the earliest dawn-getting place on the island. Therefore, tourists can go camping here to get up and contemplate the dawn.

If you love to dip into the water, there is another beach welcoming you. It is 300 m away from the local market to get to this beach. Visiting here, you can immerse yourself into the great natural setting of white sand, blue water, many rocks and much more.

Besides, people often go to Bai Chuong beach (Bãi Chướng) to take in the romantic sunrise and admire beautiful coral reefs. Hon Co Island is picturesque but far away, so few people know it.

Eat seafood

Binh Ba Island offers foreign and domestic travelers not only natural landscapes but also a paradise of live seafood with reasonable price. This island is also known as “Lobster Island”. That is why when coming over Binh Ba Island you can’t miss a chance to enjoy local delicacies, especially lobsters.

Lobsters here are plucked from the sea and processed immediately so it is totally fresh and sweet. Along with lobsters, you can sample many other dishes such as steamed crab, fish salad, fried squid and much more.

Other activities

Dive and see coral

If you want to have a scuba diving trip here, you can hire a boat to contemplate the magnificent coral reefs. There is advice is that you had better come to Bai Nha Cu beach (Bãi Nhà Cũ) due to its clean water if you have more time to travel

Go fishing squid

To understand more about the lives of local fishermen, you should buy tickets to go squid fishing at night. This activity will definitely give you an unforgettable experience.

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With our answers about some of the most common questions regarding traveling to Binh Ba Island Nha Trang, hope that you can plan a detailed trip to this beautiful island. Wish you have a fun trip with many memories!

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