The 11 best things to do in Nha Trang- Part 2



Besides unprivileged beaches and famous tourist location, you can you have chances to explore new destinations. They are gaining popularity and attract many people yearning for a quiet and peaceful places in the weekends


From NHa Trang...

Hon Ba seems to be unfamiliar with tourists, but with local people, it is a scenic town right on the side of a foggy mountain. It is called “ Da Lat in in the middle of the sea”

About two hour away from Nha Trang, at the height of 1600 m, it is a great choice for someone who want to avoid the sunlight of the tropical beach. The temperature here is usually around 18’C

Hon Ba is a very suitable choice for a trip with families and friends. It includes many destination ranged from souvenir stores, restaurants and resorts. Many Bungalows is built to meet new tourists’ demand.

...To Hon Ba....

Hon Ba has a wide range of endangered species and breathtaking sight of mountain and national park. Fresh air will relax your mind and body, recharge your batteries and bring you comfortable moments. The scene is particularly spectacular when the sun rise . Experiencing this period of time with your friend and family will be unforgettable.

One tourist attraction here is the wooden house of A Yersin, a great doctor of twentieth century. There is a beautiful small garden where he grew herbs to make medicines

... To Hon chong

When travelling Hon Ba, you can pay a visit the tourism site “Suoi Nguon”. You can enjoy bathing in the natural pool and the beauty of wildlife here. After that, you can try the special dishes with unique recipes from the minorities

If you are a big fan of design, this place will satisfy you. The house of Yersin is a symbol of French building design with pool, horse, stone chair and table, bed. It will be a unforgettable holiday

Van Gia Village

Van Gia is a peaceful village of fishermen in Van Ninh, Son Dung island. It include the biggest rice paddies of Khanh Hoa,  Van Phong bay.

You can spend all day exploring the unprivileged village here. Food here tastes good and cheap. All ingredients is caught by the fisherman in the village, and made in a traditional way. This will make a great contribution to your trip.

Van Gia Village

The journey to Van Gia surrounded by beautiful scene of sandy hills, looking like a Eastern suburb. The village is still untouched so you can enjoy the beauty of  traditional village of Vietnam. The living habit, traditional lifestyle here will be a fresh new experience for tourists. You will look a boat carrying students going to a floating classroom. You will have a look at floating house with tiled roof and radios, television set, tables and chairs.The quietness and primitive scene here attract thousands of travellers per year.

Van Phong Bay

When travelling Nha Trang, Van Phong Bay is one of the locations you cannot miss. Located  between two districts Van Ninh and Ninh Hoa of Khanh Hoa province, the beauty of this bay can be compared  with its of Nha Trang. It is a combination of several large and small island and the deep, blue sea. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air from large forest and ocean. Many pristine beach is ideal for a small picnic trip at the weekend.There are a lot of recreational activities for tourists to take part in, namely playing water sports, scuba diving, beach volleyball, trekking, hiking.

You will never be bored when you come to this location. Playing on sandy beach surrounded by pure water can be a memorable experience here. If you are constrained in a crowded city, this place’s tranquility will not disappoint you. The wonderful natural landscape will help you relax and stay away from noise of city life.

Van Phong Bay is famous for fresh seafood. Some famous dishes that you should not miss are grilled fish noodles, jellyfish noodles, Ninh Hoa (Ninh Hòa) fried rolls. Food  represents for the tradition of the villagers here with a routine of fishing village.


The Christ the King Cathedral is on an elevation at the intersection of Thai Nguyen Street and Nguyen Trai Street. The church was built around 1930 and serves as the seat of the bishop of Nha Trang

Nha TRang

Christ the King Cathedral

The building has a square tower and a colonnade on both sides. Inside the interior are the stained-glass windows. The cathedral is on a square with all sorts of saint images. From the square you have a good view of the Buddha of Long Son. A wall along the access road contains memorial plains in memory of the deceased who were buried here after a nearby catholic cemetery was taken to make way for a new railroad building.

All have created beautiful and soothing scenery, calming inherent solemn atmosphere which usually was found in places of worship. In addition, sanctuary area is an open colorful space. Pictures of Saints in the stained glass here create dazzling beauty and elegance. Those who once come here will surely feel extremely admirable on talented hands of the artisans who built this masterpiece.

The Stone Church is the beautiful space for photography and filming activities. Couples also choose this place to take wedding photos. The church is open every day from 8am, and still maintains sermons in the morning and afternoon.

The church was built entirely in the style of Western Catholic Church. This architecture is similar to that of churches in Sa Pa, Đà Lạt and some other places in Vietnam. A steeple with three bells in the middle is the typical style of the Western Catholic Church.After clergy Louis Vallet death (24th October 1945), his tomb was set in the Bông’s foothills, next to the road to the church.

Nha trang still has uncovered beauty and is considered a wonderful destination at the weekend. Many places is well known for its long live history Other is famous for its natural beauty and habitat. If you are a big fan of discovering and exploring new places on every corner of the world, Hanoi By Night want to guide you to every destinations of Nha Trang

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