Must-see attractions in Nha Trang you can’t miss

Must-see attractions in Nha Trang you can't miss

Enjoying smooth white sandy beaches, taking in the pristine sunset will be unforgettable moments in your whole life. Diving deeply into the sea, playing with clever monkeys, admiring the majestic mountains also will make you surprised.


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As one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang is said to be the paradise of entertainment, which attracts multiple tourists every year. Traveling to Nha Trang will be the most memorable experience in your life. Nha Trang owns a diversity beauty. 






If you want to release from all stress after those hard-working days, you can’t miss Nha Trang.

General information

  • Its area is 160 km2
  • Hon Mun is the first marine protected area in Viet Nam
  • The only area is rated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the first marine biodiversity area in Vietnam

Hon Mun Island






Not only does it attract thousands of domestic tourists every year, but also inspire divers and foreign scientists to explore.

why do people call it Mun island?

When tourists are coming here, the first point that catches their eyes is the black and glossy stones. The rock here is as back as ebony. People like that ebony black color, strange but gorgeous.

Besides, Hon Mun is the most famous destination in the country with extremely large and colorful coral reefs.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world has about 2000 species of corals, while Mun Island has more than 1500 different types of corals. Moreover, it’s terrain is close to the hot currents. This is suitable for the development of coral and other marine organisms, especially fish.


Another point for Mun Island that we have to introduce to you is seawater: clear as turquoise. The water is so clear that you can see through it into the bottom

When diving, you can admiring the beautiful view of coral reefs, discover the mystery under the blue water.

The cost to have diving experience in Nha Trang is about 72 USD/Pax ( Learn more at here)

Binh ba Island

Binh Ba Island has located far from Nha Trang city about 60 km and Cam Rang Bay about 15 km

Its area is 3 k

Source: Kim Loi Le

Where is the beauty of Binh Ba from?

Totally relaxing atmosphere

If your bustling life makes you tired, come and enjoy the pritine of Binh Ba Island. People also call this place “Peace Island”. The word “Peace” here means that every morning to wake up, it will be quiet, smoke-free, no bustling and crowded city.

The paradise of fresh seafood




It can be said that nowhere can people offer you such a cheap price to have fresh seafood. If you try the dishes from lobsters, you will never forget their sweet and fresh taste.

Nha Phu Bay

General Information



  • Nha Phu Bay is located about 15 km away from Nha Trang Beach to the North
  • Its area is approximately 1500ha, including many small islands
  • Nha Phu Bay is the connection between Van Phong Bay and Nha Trang Bay

Nha Phu Bay is the perfect combination of nature. It meets the characteristics of a unique ecological are, mountains, forests, rivers, and islands.


If you are nature lover, you can miss Nha Phu Bay where is a paradise for who wants to immerse themselves in tranquilty.

When it comes to this bay, it can be a pity to ignore two stunning islands: Monkey Island and Orchid Island.


Monkey Island


Monkey Island is located in the middle of an elaborate lagoon, which appears as an island that runs straight to the sea. Coming to Monkey Island you will immerse yourself in the monkey kingdom up to thousands of monkeys.

How about the face, the shape of a monkey in reality? Are they really smart and friendly? How about their society, their family, etc…

All questions can be answered when you come to watch and play with them.

Orchid Island

Orchid Island is located on the island of Heo island. The mountain rise to an elevation of 700m above sea level. The orchid spring with the highest waterfall is 350 km and many other small falls have its own appearance.

The resort is named after the stream that flows through itself. The stream is like a silk thread connecting Heo Island and Nha Phu lagoon. After flowing through cliffs and falls, streams will pour into the lagoon. Come here, you can have new and unique experiences from exploring the sea, the plain and the high majestic mountains.

Most visitors are eager to discover colorful and impressive orchid caves. You can set the challenge yourself to conquer Hon He Mountain with 700m height

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